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Performance is our cover letter, and our lamp's life cycles best prove our performance.

Quality is not an act.
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Every Plusrite lamp is the essence of professional expertise and skillful workmanship.

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Standing at the forefront of today's global
green lighting revolution, Plusrite sets the stage of offering
world-class environmentally responsible lighting solutions.

We work on the forefront of innovation and technology, to take
products from an idea, all the way to the end consumer.

About Plusrite Cinema Lamps

Lamp Stress Check

Each Plusrite Lamp is the product of high-class technology. Our lamps are checked for stress using Plusrite’s in-house designed Stress Detector to ensure that the glass envelope is within design specification.

Arc Stability Check

Another critical check is the arc stability. To ensure the correct and stable arcing of each individual lamp, a special projection system is employed to monitor and measure the arc.

Lamp Final Check

To ensure our customers receive the lamps of the highest quality, every lamp is checked for the correct luminance and electrical characteristic in a custom made chamber before shipment.

Unique Lamp Design Software

We use our unique lamp design software to generate light ray tracing, to ensure the lamp is in optimal output of each individual projector’s optical system light path.

Ultra High Vacuum Cleaning Technologies

We utilize a unique cleaning process to provide an increase light output and a decrease in trigger voltage. Thus achieving brightness and lamp life growth.

Unique Lamp Structure

The key to elevate performance at high temperatures and pressure and to increase lamp life is our custom lamp structure design using our own in house software.

Special High-Emission Coating Technology

We use special high-emission coating technology to reduce electrodes temperature and increase lamp life.

Product Quality Mindset

Every employee, at every stage of manufacturing process, applies a product quality mindset. More than 30% of their time is dedicated to quality controls and product improvements.
Plusrite’s commitment to high performance and quality is the result of our continuous quality mindset. This is embedded into every employee at every stage of the lamp product processes, and the use of the best raw material available is a foundation. Fused together with our precise engineering process and long years of product knowledge and expertise, we create a top line product to improve your total cost of ownership and operational expenses.
Plusrite offers a top-of-the-industry product portfolio to lower your total cost of ownership as well as operating costs.
Low Lamp intensity degradation

Lamp Intensity Degradation average around 20% at the end of the warranted hours.*
*Based on proved PDXL-4000-N lamp intensity degradation curve.

Saving you cost in less frequent lamp replacement

resulting in lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Projector Lamp Models by Brands

Every Plusrite lamp is the essence of professional expertise
and skillful workmanship.

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